1000 Hours Outside!

Brrr! It is a little cold just now.

I took a walk with my family and my dog down the river to see the painted stones.



Quite a few have been damaged, which made me so sad. I did, however, have fun throwing sticks into the river to try and break the ice.





When we play beside the river we must be safe and stay away from the edge. It is good to practice throwing. I made small holes on the ice and a big splash when throwing my sticks into the water.


Can you see my sticks sitting on top of the ice?


How far can you throw your sticks? Can you make big holes in the ice?




We saw some signs of spring!

Can you guess what kind of flowers these could be?

I am going to keep an eye out and watch them as they grow.


I also found some mushrooms.

Remember it is ok to look at mushrooms but do not touch them some can make us very ill.





It is astonishing what we can gain just from spending time outdoors in the winter. It can help us improve our bodies and our minds. So, if you are feeling restless after long days spent cooped up indoors, get outside, be safe, and have fun!


Things to do:

Try a science experiment,

On an icy day try blowing bubbles outside, you can see frost crystals in the bubbles form, try not to pop them straight away to watch the crystals form.

Is it cold enough to make ice? If so maybe make some ice sun catchers.

You can use absolutely anything in your frozen suncatchers, as long as it’s small enough to fit in the ice! Here’s a list of a few items we’ve included in our suncatchers from a walk around our neighbourhood.

  • Leaves
  • Flowers
  • Pinecones
  • Birdseed
  • Berries
  • Nuts

Once you have your ingredients collected, you’ll want to choose your containers. You can use plastic lids, pans, bowls or silicone moulds.  Fill your moulds with a shallow amount of water (boiled water makes the ice freeze clear – you can use it once the kettle has cooled). Then place your natural items in your tray/ pan/mould. Put a bit of string so you can hang it up once it is frozen and leave outside to freeze overnight.  In the morning pop it out and hang it up on a tree to watch the sun catch the ice and make it sparkle.

If you use birdseed and cereal or fruit maybe the birds will come to eat it.

What fun things have you been doing?

Please share all your adventures on your Interactive Learning Journey so we can see all the fun things you have been doing.

Source: Nursery

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