CLIC Targets 11/01/2020

Here are the CLIC targets for this week.

C – Squiggleworth (Step 1): I can partition a 2 digit number.
Remember to write the 2 digit number, then draw the sticks. Next copy the units digit and then copy the tens digit but make sure to put a zero on the end.

L – Practise these facts: 3+8, 3+9, 4+7, 4+8, 4+9.

I – Adding with Pim (Step 1): I can add tens.
Remember to use your addition Learn Its and swap ‘the thing’ to a ten.

C – Addition (Step 12): I can add a 1 digit number to a number to 20.
Remember to find the starting number, count on the right amount (one jump for each number) and see where you have landed.

You can practise these targets each day. See Google Classroom for some practise questions or try writing questions of your own.

Source: Primary 3

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