CLIC Targets 18/01/2020

Here are the CLIC targets for this week.

C – CORE Numbers (Step 2): I can understand numbers to 20.
Remember to use your ‘counting to 20’ to check you are right.

L – Practise these facts: 3+8, 3+9, 4+7, 4+8, 4+9.

I – Fact Families (Step 2): I can turn 1 digit + 1 digit facts into multiples of 10.
Remember to copy the fact and write the switcher. Then bring the total (sum) to the front, change the symbol and write the 2 switchers.
For example: 20+10=30, 10+20=30, 30-10=20 and 30-20=10

C – Subtraction (Step 12): I can take a 1 digit number from a number to 20.
Remember to find the starting number, count back the right amount (one jump for each number) and see where you have landed.

You can practise these targets each day. See Google Classroom for  questions to answer or try writing some questions of your own.

Source: Primary 3

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