Mobile Pantry

CFINE- Mobile Pantry coming to Kincorth –

Please see information in the attached leaflet giving an overview of the pantry initiative. They are  looking for families or individuals who could benefit from the project providing low cost groceries. For a £3 annual membership. Then £2.50 per week for around £15 worth of shopping items.

The estimated start date in Kincorth may be the week beginning the 4th of October. Possibly a Wednesday morning between 10 and 11am. Parking in the Sport Centre car park. Date and time to be confirmed.

Nicola would like to start signing up those interested.

They should get in touch through details below or on the flyer.

Nicola is hoping to come to Kincorth around the 15th September to meet with some families who would be interested and can be signed up. They will have a 10 min slot and if they are able to pay their £3 membership fee it would be beneficial. They will receive their welcome pack.

We do not have a set criteria as everyone’s circumstances are different however those on low incomes and or benefits will be our priority.

For more information or registration, please contact us: Email: Phone: 01224 596 156

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