Parent Council Tea Towel Fundraiser

We are delighted to support our dedicated Parent Council with running a Tea Towel fundraiser. The project will include the whole school and creates a great gift, coming up to the festive gift giving time of year.

The tea towels will comprise of 2 colours, navy border with red pictures (similar designs above) and there will be 3 different designs on offer. 1 from our nursery children featuring each of their handprints; one from our Primary 1-3’s and the last one from our P4-7’s (all primary school children will draw a self portrait).

Cost: £4 per tea towel or 2 for £7
Tea towels should arrive by 13th December.

An order form will go home to families tomorrow, please return the order forms by FRIDAY 29th October 2021!!!!

Payment is to be made via PayPal @AbbotswellPC (When paying choose pay a friend to avoid them incurring charges)

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