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Christmas Party!

** Apologies for posting this late – We were having difficulties rotating the images! This afternoon we had our Christmas Party. All the boys and girls looked like they had…

Bake Sale 21/11/17

Tomorrow the nursery will be baking cupcakes for Room 3 to raise money. Cupcakes will be sold in the afternoon for taking Home. If your child wishes to buy a…

Sound Work

Excellent work from Leo and Natalia this week who were revising SATPIN sounds. Very proud of how hard they worked! Source: Primary 2

Star Writers

Congratulations to our Star Writers!!!! Well done ⭐️⭐️   Source: Primary 2


We have been learning about dinosaurs in Primary 2. In our choosing time some pupils wanted to extend their knowledge by learning facts about dinosaurs. Using the Cbeebies app they…

Read, Write, Count Bags

We have been using our Read, Write and Count bags with our reading buddy class. Our task was to use the finger puppets to create a story with our buddy….

French Stories

We were very lucky last week in Primary 2 as we had two visitors from France to read us french stories. The children absolutely loved it and enjoyed practising the…

Spelling and Phonics

Each week the Primary 2 boys and girls will be focusing on 1 phoneme. This week our phoneme is… ck Please look in their home/school book for activities to support their learning. Play…

Pupil of the Week 16/11/17

Congratulations to Khloe who is our Pupil of the Week this week. Khloe achieved this by showing increased focus and engagement especially in her story writing. Source: Primary 2

Exploring Capacity

This week in Maths, we have been up to our elbows in water! We have had lots of fun learning about capacity and have worked well in groups to estimate,…