Dundee trip

On Monday all the primary 7’s had a great day out in Dundee. We went to Camperdown park first and had fun playing on all the different activities in the…

Pupil of the week 12th June

Congratulations Cerys for being our shining star of the week. Cerys wrote an excellent imaginative story about Sir Carrot, the strange teacher who came to take over the class. Well…

P5/6 Bikeability

Our pupils have learnt a lot during their Bikeability sessions this year!

Our Final Disco

Our final Abbotswell disco for 2014-15 was a great success!

Parent Council Discos

Come and join us for the last Disco of the year Nur – P3 ~ 6.00-7.00pm P4 – P7 ~ 7.15-8.15pm

Class Trip – Collieston and Forvie Sands

The children all really enjoyed our trip on Thursday 4th June. We explored rockpools on the beach and found out about limpets and sea birds. The children then created their…

CLIC 8.6.15

C – counting multiples of 3 L – 7+4=11, 8+4=12, 9+4=13, 8+3=11, 9+3=12, mixed 2x table I – jigsaw numbers to 100 C – addition any 2d + 2d number…

Pupil Of The Week 5.6.15

Our pupil of the week this week is Paige for fantastic effort in gym activities and in our trip activities. Source: Primary 3/4

Drummer Extraordinaire!

This is the very talented drummer in our class! She gave us a demonstration this morning! She drums with her pipe band all over Scotland! Source: Primary 4/5


At assembly this Friday (12th of June) Primary 1 will be telling the school all about the Sea and Seashore. We have stuck words to practise into some Home/School books…