Book Fair

The Book Fair arrives tomorrow and we have a chance on Thursday morning to have a look at what books are available. Can’t wait! Source: Primary 7


We have our Anne Frank report to hand in on Wednesday 28th. On Friday our spelling and maths is due in. Spelling – write each word 3 times each then use…

CLIC 26.1.15

C – counting in multiples of 3 L – jumbled 5 x table answers 1-5 I – multiplying by 10 and dividing by 10 C – addition of 2d and…

Pupil Of The Week 23.1.15

Our pupil of the week this week is Rachel for doing really well with her multiplying in maths. Source: Primary 3/4

World War II

We have just begun our new topic for this term. We will be learning all about World War II. If you have anything at home that you could share with us, books,…

26th January – P2/3 Class notes

Every week Mrs Forbes and Mrs Fyfe will try to post what is happening in our class. It’s been a busy start to the term and the pupils have really…

Star of the week!

Our star of the week this week is Lennon. He has been demonstrating a more mature and sensible attitude in school. Well done Lennon! Source: Primary 6/7

Pupil of the Week – Friday 23rd January

This week’s Pupil of the Week award goes to Doren! We are so delighted with how well Doren is settling into our class. She listens well, tries hard and is…

We had a great time on Friday at our ‘hoolie’  Each class shared what they had been learning about Scotland. Source: Primary 6/7

Scottish hoolie in the hall

U Source: Primary 6/7