The Reading Bus

On Monday we had a visitor called Sheena join us from the ‘Reading Bus’.  She told us funny stories and taught us brilliant Scottish songs and words.  We even got to dance around the classroom like a centipede to the song called ‘The Wee Kirkcudbright Centipede’. We can’t wait for our next session!



The Wee Kirkcudbright Centipede, she was very sweet

She was ever so proud of every one of her hundred feet

Early every morning her neighbours came to glance

She always entertained them with a beautiful little dance

As leg number ninety four gave ninety five a shunt

Legs number one and two were twistin out in front

As legs numbers nine and ten were wriggling up the side

Legs seventy three and four were doing the Palais Glide

Source: Primary 1

Medal Boy!

This is medal boy! He is a superstar swimmer and we are very proud of him!

He has won a lot of medals, he has been doing it for two years, he might become an Olympic athlete when he is older!



Source: Primary 4/5

Reading Bus Visit

We had a brilliant visitor from the Reading Bus today, we heard a super Scottish story and we got to dance like a centipede around the classroom!! Miss Joyce was our leader..we also got to play an animal version of Musical Bumps!! We cannot wait for our next session.

image  image  image  image  image  image  image

Source: Primary 1/2

Have You Found Our Blog?

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Source: Primary 1

9th February – P2/3 Class notes

Our CLIC targets for this week are :-

C – Counting in 2s

L – Our main learn it to practise this week is 3+4 =7

I – We’re using our doubling skills to help us double 10, 20, 30 and 40

C – Adding 1 on to any number up to 20 (quickly and accurately)

We had a great time with Sheena from the Reading Bus today. She told us some Scottish stories and sang some Scottish songs too.  We are looking forward to seeing her again in a few weeks time.

Hope the sunshine stays for our long weekend!

Source: Primary 2/3

Pupil of the Week

Our Pupil of the Week in our class was Aaron.

Well done for producing a fantastic retelling of the story “Dinosaurs Love Underpants”. He even illustrated it himself also!

Keep up the good work!!

Source: Primary 1/2


I have forgotten to give out the new reading book today to the Zebra and Elephant reading groups. I will do this tomorrow!!

I do apologise!


Miss Joyce

Source: Primary 1/2