CLIC sessions 23/3/15

C – counting in -5 and’s 25’s and rounding 2dp numbers to nearest tenth

L – coin multiplication for 2d x 2d numbers and column method for division

I – Dividing decimals  by 100  and smile multiplication for hundredths

C – adding large numbers and subtract using a column method

Source: Primary 7

CLIC 23.3.15

C – Count Fourways 2s, 20s, 200s, 2000s

L – 5+9=14, 6+9=15, 7+9=16

I – Fact Families 1dx1d write the fact family from 1 multiplication fact

C – Addition 2d tens + 2d crossing 100

Source: Primary 3/4

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Our production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory will be on the 1st April at 1.30pm.

Rehearsals start today and we are really excited! There’s a lot of work to do!!

If you require tickets please let us know and we can send you a golden ticket!

Refreshments will also be on sale.

Source: Primary 4/5

Week beginning 23.03.15

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On Friday it will be Archie in Africa Day. We are going to be doing a number of things in school to mark the event. As well as being a non-uniform day we will also be drinking nothing except water and walking a mile. Through these, and other activities in class, we hope the children will begin to understand how hard it is for children in Africa to get clean, safe water.

In Primary one we will be combining our walking a mile with a community walk. We are looking for a parent helper to accompany us on Friday afternoon from 1:00pm – 2:00pm (approximately). Please let us know if you are able to help.

Gym – Monday and Friday.

Handwriting – This week we will be practising the letters n and m.

Handwriting Homework – Tuesday and Thursday.

Common words – This week we will be making, reading and writing the words have and much.

Please help your child to practise reading the common words by using the words in their word pots to play games and test their word recognition skills. Lots of the common words can’t be sounded out so the children need to be encouraged to look at the shape of the whole word and use letters to help them. Please practise the words on the common word wall (found in their Home School Book). See if your child can match the words in their pot with the ones on the wall and then help them to try and read them. If the words are ticked they were able to read them in class.

Reading – We are continually working with the children to check their recognition of the 26 sounds, their common words and their understanding of text.  Your child will get either a reading book or a reading activity on Monday and Wednesday this week.

Maths – We are continuing our new block of work on Time. We will be reading o’clock times on the digital and analogue clock. We will then begin a block of work on number to 20. We will continue doing addition sums up to the value of 10.

Source: Primary 1

St Patrick’s Day

A huge thank you to my class for helping me celebrate St Patrick’s day in school today!!

We made Rainbow fingerprint pictures, colourful paperchains, cards, posters and twisting snakes.

Hopefully they will be full of the wonders of St Patrick and will be able to share his story with you at home!!

image image image image image image

Source: Primary 1/2

Star of the Week: Ebony!

Ebony is our star of the week because she has shown good listening skills.

Ebony is the listening master!
She is good at listening to other people.
Ebony is polite and has good manners.
She shares her things and helps other people.
Ebony is an excellent friend.
She has good ideas and she shares them with us.
Ebony learns things quickly.
She is elegant, excellent, extraordinary and excitable!


Source: Primary 4/5