Should boys and girls have separate toys?

Today in social snack we watched Newsround where they spoke about toy companies stereotyping girls toys and boys toys. We began by discussing what is stereotypically a girls toy and what is stereotypically a boys toy. Then we talked about our thoughts on the matter splitting into 2 groups, one for yes and one for no.

After 5 minutes of working in our teams we had a mini debate on whether there should be separate toys for girls and boys or all toys should be the same.

We we came up with:

– Instead of pink packaging for girls and blue packaging for boys toy companies could have a mix of colours or use a neutral colour.

– Some girls like to play with cars and some boys like to play with dolls

– Boys and girls should not be embarrassed to want toys packaged in stereotypically girl or boy colours

Source: Primary 5/6

Homework 1.12.14

Evening all!

For homework this week p5/6 have been asked to copy out their spelling words 3 times in their jotter along with 3 sentences. As a class we have been focussing on VCOP, using WOW words and Exciting Openers, to up level our writing. Sentences must include a wow word and an exciting opener. Please also complete the spelling activity Spelling Snails for each of your words. If you are feeling creative you can give your snails a Christmas twist with adding some santa hats or elf ears!

The Green and Orange reading groups both have book detectives due on Tuesday 2nd December.

We will be moving on from the 7 times table at the end of the week so practice them until you know them inside out.

Thank you,

Miss MacLennan :)

Source: Primary 5/6

Mysteriously Green Santa appeared this morning. He talked about recycling and how at Christmas time we throw a lot away that can be recycled. Green Santa shared that if we took all of the wrapping paper that we used at Christmas time it would wrap around the world 4 times!!!!

Today we have learned to try to recycle as much as we can. Green Santa has asked us to bring in any old electrical items to be recycled, any help would be greatly appreciated!

Source: Primary 5/6

Homework Task

Well done  for finding the blog

I am glad to see you are keen

To show me that you have seen this…

Tomorrow bring me something GREEN!

(Shhhhhh… Don’t tell the others)

Source: Primary 5/6