Homework Help!

Having had a couple of questions from children I have decided to upload some Homework help! For spelling homework I encourage the children to use the skills that they have developed in their previous class on VCOP in their sentences. I ask for everyone to TRY and use exciting openers and wow words in each sentence to make them exciting. I have created a bank of wow words and exciting openers below to help:


Exciting Openers

Use openers to begin sentences in an interesting way. Try to avoid beginning with he, she, I, the. Some examples you may wish to use:

One sunny morning…

A long time ago…

Yesterday Evening…



WOW Words

Wow words are used to make a sentence more interesting. They should be adventurous adjectives (describing words) that we would not use all of the time. For example:

beautiful, gigantic, freezing, enormous, magical, silently, generously, fearful, terrified, curious, nervously.


These are areas that we are currently working on in class and it would be great if the children can have a go at home to further develop their writing skills.


Source: Primary 5/6

Star of the Week: 11/09/15

Congratulations to our Star of the Week Alex who achieved this by always being polite and friendly to others. Alex has fantastic manners and is a good friend to lots of children not only in the class but across school.
Well done again Alex!

Source: Primary 5/6

Weekly plan – Week beginning 14.09.15

The children are continuing to settle into class and have adapted well to all the new routines and responsibilities!

Well done to Emma in P2 who is our class rep at pupil council.

Please can we ask that all clothing and equipment is clearly named. We already have a small collection of cardigans that noone has claimed!!!

Things are beginning to settle down and our timetable is almost organised.

Music is on a Tuesday with Mr Smith.

Science is on a Wednesday with Mrs Will.

Gym will probably be on a Thursday with Mrs Northcroft although this has still to be confirmed.

On Friday the children will usually have Assembly and Golden time.

Reading – Your child will receive a new reading book on Monday and Wednesday. It would be extremely helpful if you could work with your child for a short time each night.

First night with the book – read the story together, look at the pictures and discuss what’s happening. Have a look at any words in the word pot and see if your child can find them in the text. Ask your child to read the text to you, supporting them when necessary. If they are stuck with a word, encourage them to sound it out, look for clues in the picture and the story.

On the second night see what they can remember about their book from memory. Ask them to read the text to you and then focus on words from the text, or in their pot, that they struggled with.

Common Words – as and at. Homework will be given out on a Monday and should be completed for the Thursday.

Phonics – This week we will be practising the letter n as well as consolidating s, a, t, i, and p. There will be word making homework in the H/S book at the end of the week. This is a job to do when you have time over the next week.  P2 will be reading and writing 3 letter words. This week they will be getting spelling homework.

Number – Primary 1- Number formation of 5 and 6.

Primary 1 and 2 will either be working with numbers to 10, 20 or 100 – counting, recognising, writing, and ordering.


Source: Primary 1

Jeans for Genes Day – Friday 18th September

Jeans for Genes Day – Friday 18th September

It’s going to be an exciting and busy time in room 3 this week as we are taking part in Jeans for Genes Day on Friday. Last week we made posters about the special event and this week our class are presenting an assembly to the rest of the school.

 As part of our homework this week we will have words for 2 songs to practise and some of us might also have some other words to learn too.

On Friday we have been given special permission to have a non-uniform day so we can wear anything denim. All we have to remember is to take in £1 which will go to the charity and help others. 


Source: Primary 2/3

First meeting – 4/9/15

We have had our first meeting. We all introduced ourselves to the group and Mrs Brechin explained a little about what tasks we might be doing this year.

First of all – Playground Equipment

Last year’s Pupil Council consulted all the pupils in the school to ask what we could do to make things better in school.

The main thing that pupils wanted was equipment to play with at break and lunchtimes.

Pupils were asked what sort of equipment they would like and the council members collated all of the responses.

As a result, a list was made up. Many people in the School Community handed in Sainsbury vouchers. The council have used these to order new equipment. The council also had a “Dress as you Please” day and raised £162 for more equipment.

Our first task is to work out how we are going to share out the equipment and how we are going to look after it. All class reps have to consult their classes to find out what they think and what ideas they have for this.

Our next meeting is on Friday 25th September at 9.30am.

Source: Primary 7

Pupil Council Members 2015 – 2016

I am pleased to announce that all the speeches have been delivered in classes, pupils have cast their votes and the following representatives have been duly elected .

P7 – Lennon Hay

P6 – Amber Selway

P5 – Paige Burnett

P4 – Jack Harvey

P3 – Erica Werniewicz

P2 – Brodie Riley

P1/2 – Emma Ogston

Nursery – Bethany Smith (P7)

Well done everyone. Let’s see if we can make a difference!


Source: Primary 7

More greetings in French

Over the last two weeks we have been learning how to ask someone their name and say what our name is!

Comment tu t’appelles? – What is your name?

Je m’appelle Sophie – My name is Sophie.

This week we were learning how to ask someone how they were.

Ça va? –  How are you?

Trés bien/bien  – Very good/good

Comme Ci Comme Ça   –  I am okay

Pas mal  –  not so good

Next we will be learning some colours in French.

Au revoir!


Source: Mrs Brechin’s Blog

Book Worms

Every Wednesday afternoon P4 go through to the school library to have a read of their chosen books. Today, all of P4 did a great job in the library and helped each other choose books.

Here are some photos of us reading for enjoyment…

image image image image image image image image

Source: Primary 5/6