CLIC Targets

Counting. We are counting in 12s


Learn its. Learning the 12x table.

It’s nothing new. Factors and multiples.

Calculation. Subtracting 3d -3d as money.

Source: Primary 6/7

Star of the week

imageOur star of the week this week is Kyle Thompson! 

Kyle won this for always trying his best in everything he does! Well done Kyle keep it up!

Our star of the week last week was Christina! 

Christina won this for her fabulous maths. Well done Christina!


Source: Primary 6/7

Week beginning 02.03.15

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The reading bus will hopefully be in school on Monday to join our visitor Sheena, who has worked with us before.  I’m sure we will have lots of fun on board!!

Gym – Monday and Friday.

Handwriting – This week we will be practising the letters y and j.

Handwriting Homework – Tuesday and Thursday.

Common words – This week we will be making, reading and writing the words your and my.

Please help your child to practise reading the common words by using the words in their word pots to play games and test their word recognition skills. Lots of the common words can’t be sounded out so the children need to be encouraged to look at the shape of the whole word and use letters to help them. Please practise the words on the common word wall (found in their Home School Book). See if your child can match the words in their pot with the ones on the wall and then help them to try and read them. If the words are ticked they were able to read them in class.

Reading – Your child will get either a reading book or a reading activity on Monday and Wednesday. Please encourage your child to read it as often as possible, sounding out the letters (for example, c-a-t) and then blending them together to say the word (cat).

Maths – We are continuing to work on the concept of addition and will be practising a mixture of addition sums. Correct number formation of numbers 0-10 is also a key focus for us as well as counting on and back from 0-20. Please encourage your child to practise these numbers at home.

Source: Primary 1

Our Wonderful Star of the Week: Leo!

Leo is our star of the week because he is a good friend.

He is one of the best friends you can ever have, he is funny, he is kind and he is helpful.

Leo is a kind friend because he lets people play with him in the playground and he shares the things he bring into school.

He is very cheerful all the time and he brightens up our morning with his cheery smile.

Well Done Leo!

Source: Primary 4/5

Big Maths Weekly Targets


Our Big Maths CLIC Targets this week are as follows:

C – Counting: Ordering numbers to 20 from smallest to largest and largest to smallest

L – Learn Its: Revise 1+1=2, 2+2=4, 3+3=6, 4+4=8 and 5+5=10

I – It’s Nothing New: Using our addition stories to answer addition sums

C – Calculations: I can read an addition sum e.g. 5+3=8 reads as ‘five add three makes eight’

Source: Primary 1

CLIC sessions 2/3/15

C – counting in 5’s and 500’s and partitioning 2dp numbers (value of each digit)

L – multiplying 1d x 1.dp numbers and find a division fact using SMILE multiplication

I – Dividing by 10 and jigsaw numbers to 10 (missing number with 2 decimal places)

C – adding 2dp numbers and subtracting 4d -3d

Source: Primary 7

Pupil of the Week

Jamie Carty is our Pupil of the Week. He has represented the school twice recently at basketball matches and has played extremely well displaying good dribbling and shooting skills. He is an asset to the team.

Source: Primary 7

Basketball festival – 26th February

We were at Aberdeen Grammar school on Thursday for our 4th festival. This time our opponents were Broomhill and Scotstown Primary schools. Although we tried our best, we were unable this time to win a match.The opposition was very strong. Our team of Eden, Jamie, Brandon, Kayla, Rebecca H and Josh never gave up. They were a credit to the school.

image image image image

Source: Primary 7

Inside P7’s Suitcase





imageAs part of our Study of World War 2, Primary 7 pupils have been taking home the suitcase and filling it with items that they would pack if they were to be evacuated. Back at school they have shown their chosen items and given an explanation as to the reasons they packed those particular items. They have made very practical and thoughtful choices for filling their suitcase.

Source: Primary 7



We have noticed that our bodies are growing and changing.  Lots of us have wobbly milk teeth and a few of us have even had visits from the Toothfairy!  We decided that we needed to find out more about our teeth and why it’s so important to look after them.

We wanted to find out what happens to our teeth if we don't brush them.
We covered a boiled egg with fizzy, sugary juice.
The egg shell got badly stained and was covered in a sticky and slimy layer - yuck!

The shell of an egg is a similar material to the enamel layer of our teeth.  We discovered that sugary drinks can stain our teeth if we don’t brush them each day. The sugar also leads to a layer of plaque that can damage our enamel.

We pretended to be dentists and set to work cleaning these dirty teeth!
Using a toothbrush and 'toothpaste', we made sure the stained teeth were properly cleaned.
We learned how to brush each tooth carefully with our giant brush and mouth model.


We found out that our teeth have different parts.
The white layer is a hard substance called enamel.
We labelled the different parts of our teeth.


We now know why it's so important to brush our teeth EVERY day.
We brush our teeth at school but remember to do it in the morning and at night too!
Brush those incisors, canines and molars!
Source: Primary 1