CLIC Targets 11.11.2019

C– Counting: CORE Numbers (Steps 7): I can understand 2dp numbers  L– Learn Its: (Steps 4 & 5): x3 times tables  Use the link below to challenge yourself to Hit the QUESTION!!!!!…

Week beginning Monday 11th November 2019

P1/2 start a block of yoga this week on Wednesday mornings. P1 This week our letter sounds are g and o. Letter g homework should be completed for Wednesday and letter o homework should be completed…

Pupil of the Week – 8.11.19

This week’s star of the week is Odafe. He showed fantastic skills with a hoop in the gym. Well done Odafe. Source: Primary 1/2 – Room 2

Dancing fun with our buddes

Today we had lots of fun doing dancing with our primary 6 buddies. The teachers joined in too. 59491685781__85CF1E3F-76A4-4BAD-A464-7DECFB7CBB49 59491661480__D37E7EFE-5C3C-4DBC-A6BF-C844C00A19C4   Source: Nursery

Wee Green Spaces with the morning nursery

Today at nursery, we went and explored outside in the woods. We learned how to tie ribbon on our sticks and then we had to colour match to items we…

Raining Cats and Dogs

Earlier this week, we tried to make the best of some rubbish weather! We had a huge puddle in our outside area and the children decided to use their imagination….

Reading with P6 Buddies

This morning, our P6 buddies came down and read some of our favourite stories with us. Source: Nursery

Pumpkin Investigation!

Today the morning nursery investigated and cut open our Vegetables from the Autumn table. Miss McGivern worked alongside the children to discover what was inside! Source: Nursery

Stay and Play

A huge thank you to all the parents who joined us today. The children enjoyed having you join in their play. We hope you all had a great time.  …

Homework for Friday 8th November

Homework for Friday 8th November Spelling Copy words twice more (look, cover, write, check)   Suns – Dictionary work x4 (find the meaning of 4 unknown words) Moons – Write…