Community Planning Aberdeen

What is important to you?

Community Planning Aberdeen is the name for your local partnership of public, private and third sector organisations and communities all working together to improve people’s lives across Aberdeen City.

We would like residents of Aberdeen to participate in this short exercise to discover what things you value and what is important to you.

Imagine you are responsible for improving the lives of the people of Aberdeen. You only have 500 points to give to various improvement projects. You must allocate all of these points. How would you allocate these points? How you do this will help guide the work of Community Planning Aberdeen and the priorities within the City’s Local Outcome Improvement Plan.  You can, also, give comments and submit ideas.

Open until Wednesday 31st of March 2021

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Fit Like Hubs

‘Fit like? Family Well-being Hubs are a group of
Services working together with children, young
people and families in Aberdeen to support their
mental wellbeing.

They offer early help when it is needed and in a way
that boosts your family’s strengths & helps you
meet your goals.

They can help with:
– Family finance and benefits
– Family relationships and communication
– Supporting parents to cope with daily
– Giving you strategies for positive
emotional and mental wellbeing
for you and your family
– Helping children and families talk about
traumatic things that have happened

Who is the Hub Team?

-Children 1st
– Health – Health Visitors, Family Nurses, School
Nurses, CAMHS,
– Community Learning and Development –
– Family Learning, Adult Learning, Youth Work,
Communities Team
– Library & Information Services
– Creative Learning
– Social Work
– Education
– Educational Social Workers
– Level Up (Drug & Alcohol Support Service)

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Splashing in puddles with the Pm children

The afternoon children enjoyed the rain yesterday and went on a search to find puddles around the school grounds. We popped on our wellies and our jackets and enjoyed some fun games. We had to stand on a colour spot, find a number and follow instructions. I think we all had a fantastic time!

Source: Nursery

Happy Birthday Keiran!

It’s Keiran’s Birthday! We hope you have a wonderful day!

Happy birthday to you,
On this your special day.
We’re so glad to share it with you,
To bring gifts, eat cake and play.

We hope you have a great time,
And that all your wishes come true.
Because we don’t know anyone who deserves
A happier birthday than you!

Source: Primary 2

CLIC Targets – Week Beginning 8.3.21

These are our CLIC targets for the week:

C – CORE numbers

I can count to 100. Practise counting to 100, use the attached video to help.

As a challenge, can you choose a number between 1 and 100 and have your child count on from that number?

L – Learn It’s

4+3, 5+3, 6+3

We are working on instant recall of these number sentences, without using fingers or other materials

We would love to see a video of some quick recall!

I – Jigsaw numbers to 10

Revisit jigsaw numbers to 10. Can you recall them instantly?

Follow the link to Top Marks, Hit the Button – Number Bonds – make 10

C – I can read, arrange and solve an addition number sentence
I can read a number sentence
Read it:
– Read your number sentence
– Say ‘add’ for +
– Say ‘equals’ for =

Arrange it:
– Set out the number of objects for the sentence
3 (blocks) plus 4 (blocks)

Solve it:
– Add the 2 amounts together
– Count how many there are altogether

Practice with these number sentences:
5 + 2
3 + 4
6 + 1
7 + 2
2 + 6

If you would like a further challenge you could start to work with number above 10.

Source: Primary 2

CLIC Targets – 8.3.21

CLIC Targets for P1 Term 3 Week 9

C – counting

For counting can you practise counting on and counting back 1? Ask – What is one more than…? What is one less than…? If you are managing 1 more and less, you could try 2 more than and 2 less than.

L – learn its

Learn its are number facts which we try to remember and quickly recall without working out the answer. We now have to remember the doubles to 5 –

1+1=2  2+2=4  3+3=6  4+4=8  5+5=10

You can also practise these at home. These facts are done orally and not written down at this stage.

I – It’s Nothing New

These are facts like our learn its but instead of asking What is one add one? we say What is double one?

Can you double 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5?

C – Calculations

This week we will focus on division.

Can you share out sweets fairly?

Use objects you have at home such as sweets, pencils, coins, lego blocks etc. and share them out to people or toys equally. Remember to give one at a time and in an order so you don’t miss anyone out. Try sharing between different numbers of people/toys such as 2, 3, 4 or 5. How many does each get? It should be the same number for each.

Here are some links to help with counting and calculations.

Source: Primary 1

Monday 8th March, 2021.

Happy Birthday to Imogen & Lexi who celebrated their birthdays at the weekend.

Spelling Sounds this week:

‘igh’ and ‘au’


C: I can read 3 digit numbers aloud.

342= Three hundred AND forty two.

L: I know my 2, 5 and 10 times tables.

I: I can turn 1 digit + 1 digit facts into multiples of 10.

7 + 2= 9


C: I can arrange a division number sentence.


Source: Primary 3/4

Our Week in P2!

This week we learned about St David’s Day! We crafted some leeks and some daffodils as they are some of the emblems of Wales!

We also did some Science and explored how friction affects speed and the amount of force needed to move something.

We also celebrated World Book Day!

It’s been a busy week!

Source: Primary 2