Friday 5th March, 2021

Happy Friday!

Well done to our Playground Star, Harry!

Well done to our Pupil of the Week, Gabija!

We have had great fun, both in school and learning from home, celebrating World Book Day! Our class have been super creative!

In class we have made Hedwig Owls, Cat in the Hat, Crayon Puppets, Bookmarks, Masks and Book Cover Designs. We have been busy!

Have a lovely weekend!

Source: Primary 3/4


Here are some of our highlights of Week 8 Home Learning.  We have been enjoy celebrating World Book Day this week and Primary 7 have been working on many aspects of literacy.

We have enjoyed writing haikus about our favourite books, writing tweets about our favourite characters, designing World Book Day themed Google Doodles, creating World Book Day DIY costumes, putting a modern twist on a fairy tale of our choice and lots lots more.

We have also been focusing on sounds and vibrations in our topic Natural, which has been a big success! We are continuing to make progress with CLIC and our focus this week has been smile multiplication and the grid method.

We also had a MASSIVE Google meet with all of the upper stages pupils! It was great fun, we shared fabulous work, read out our story we wrote across all classes collectively and we had a few WBD quizzes! It was a fantastic end to World Book Day!

It has been another very successful and positive week for p7! Well done for all of your hard work.


Source: Primary 7


Congratulations to Dominic who is our Pupil of the Week for week 8 of Home Learning. Dominic has put in excellent effort with his topic work this week. He has shown he has a fantastic knowledge of science in general and he has demonstrated he has learned a lot about sounds and vibrations. Dominic’s shown he has a strength for explaining his thinking well.

Bitmoji Image

Source: Primary 7

Happy Birthday Emmiee-Rose!

It’s Emmiee-Rose’s Birthday! We hope you have a wonderful day!

Happy birthday to you,
On this your special day.
We’re so glad to share it with you,
To bring gifts, eat cake and play.

We hope you have a great time,
And that all your wishes come true.
Because we don’t know anyone who deserves
A happier birthday than you!

Source: Primary 2

Letter fun

The children were doing lots of fabulous learning by exploring letters in the outdoor sand area.

They spent time identifying the letter sounds and some children created their names. The children gave each other  lots of encouragement and praise.


Source: Nursery

CLIC Targets – 1.3.21

CLIC Targets for P1 Term 3 Week 8

C – counting

For counting we are going to develop our understanding of the numbers to 10. Try comparing or ordering some numbers. There is a Top Marks game to try for ordering. Can you make adding sums for any number to 10? E.g. 7 is 5+2 or 3+4 or 1+6. Use objects you have at home to help you. Or you can compare two numbers using the greater than/less than symbols.

L – learn its

Learn its are number facts which we try to remember and quickly recall without working out the answer. We now have to remember the doubles to 5 –

1+1=2  2+2=4  3+3=6  4+4=8  5+5=10

You can also practise these at home. These facts are done orally and not written down at this stage.

I – It’s Nothing New

These are facts like our learn its but instead of asking What is one add one? we say What is double one?

Can you double 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5?

C – Calculations

This week we will focus on subtraction.

Can you take away and find out how many are left?

Use objects you have at home and make a group to take away from. Try using different amounts to start with and take away different amounts.

Here are some links to games for improving number skills and video clips on greater than/less than.

Source: Primary 1