Happy Birthday Joseph!

It’s Joseph’s Birthday! We hope you have a wonderful day!

Happy birthday to you,
On this your special day.
We’re so glad to share it with you,
To bring gifts, eat cake and play.

We hope you have a great time,
And that all your wishes come true.
Because we don’t know anyone who deserves
A happier birthday than you!

Source: Primary 2

Stay Safe

To all our Abbotswell families – following the Scottish Government’s announcement last night we just wanted to let you know we’ll be in touch as soon as we have more information. Please try not to worry and enjoy your holidays #staysafe

CLIC for 14.12.20

C- Counting in 25s and 250s

Children will count together in steps of these numbers.

L- Times table challenges

Fast multiplication questions based on the questions the children complete on Fridays.

I- Coin multiplication

Multiplying numbers by 1,10, 100, 2, 20, 5 and 50.

C- Subtraction

Using column methods to subtract 3 digit numbers from other 3 digit numbers.

Source: Primary 5